Unstoppable With NBK: Is he the first hero who must be a host… Why was he rejected?

unstoppable with nbk

It is known that Nandamuri Balakrishna is hosting a reality talk show for the first time. Shooting for the show has already begun. Nandamuri Balakrishna is making a grand entry into the world of OTT like never before. Expectations have skyrocketed that Balayya is going to appear on the Aaha show.

It was through the promo that Balayya created a huge amount of hype. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the success of this reality talk show for sure. At first I thought of a star hero for the unstoppable show. But it seems that the hero thought for a few days and rejected.

With the latest decisions…

Nandamuri Balakrishna is moving forward with the latest decisions after many days. No matter what kind of film is made, today’s generation of audiences are also very careful about the stories to impress them. Directors are also specially advised not to miss the commercial elements as well. It seems that Balayya Never Before is going to impress the fans in the coming days.

Remuneration for Balakrishna for the talk show

Balakrishna is coming up with a talk show called Unstoppable with NBK for the first time. Nowadays some senior heroes are showing so much interest to host even young heroes. Today’s generation of heroes are planning to increase the number of fans so that future shows can help a lot if they can do shows that will impress even the television audience. In addition, hosting can greatly increase your income in the form of remuneration. It is learned that Balayya got up to Rs 5 crore

unstoppable with nbk

Rejected Megastar

It seems that Balakrishna first approached a senior hero for the unstoppable show that recently gave the green signal. That senior star hero is no other. There are reports that Tollywood megastar Chiranjeevi. Producer Allu Arvind has made a lot of efforts to do any reality show first. As part of that, pre-production work was also started for the show Unstoppable.

Why was Megastar rejected?

It is known that megastar Chiranjeevi has previously impressed as a host with a reality show called Meelo Evaru Koteshwarulu. Megastar Chiranjeevi is also keen to be the host. Allu Arvind wanted to start an Aaha talk show because the megastar was interested. But right now, the megastar has to be busy putting four movies in a row on the line. Hence the information that Allu Arvind has rejected this offer.

When did it start?

Allu Arvind Balayya went on to say that the unstoppable show should not stop under any circumstances. At first, Balayya thought for a while, but then he gave the green signal that he would know about the concept and do it immediately. With this, Balakrishna prepared the plan in full within a week of giving the green signal. Later a promo called Unstoppable with NBK was also released. The show is set to launch on the 4th of this month. It remains to be seen how much the show will impress fans as Mari Balayya is doing it for the first time.

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