Unexpected RRR Leaks from the Glimpse‌…NTR friendship with tiger…Goosebump scenes…

RRR Leaks

Junior NTR, Ram Charan Tej’s multi – starrer film RRR is all set to hit the screens in a few days. The 2022 wallpapers will be released on a massive scale worldwide on January 7th as a gift. Fans are eagerly awaiting that the RRR movie will be more successful than the Bahubali movie. Fans, as well as movie celebrities, are eagerly waiting for the film. And once again, the level of expectations on the Glimpse‌ movie released today increased. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this movie since last year. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Now the interesting RRR Leaks from the glimpse of the movie has become a hot topic.

Equivalent Star Image

RRR Leaks

Equal to the star image. Ram Charan Tej will play the role of Alluri Sitaramaraj in the movie RRR and junior NTR will play the role of Komuram Bheem. Director Rajamouli seems to have taken care that the two characters also look alike on the big screen. Because it makes sense that all sorts of posters that are released are doing equal justice. Until then, the director has clarified that the star image of the two heroes will be shown equally in terms of story.

Business of RRR movie on a massive scale

Usually director Rajamouli shows up very powerfully if there is a hero. The fact that there are two more heroes means that the movie will go beyond that. The teaser released today clarifies what kind of action scenes are in the movie. It is easy to say that this movie will cross the one billion mark very fast in the box office market. Coming to market with over 900 crores pre-release business worldwide.

Friendship between Komuram Bheem and Tiger

RRR Leaks

RRR Leaks: Another exciting rumour related to a movie is currently going viral on social media. In the film, Junior NTR prepares to fight with a ferocious wild tiger that hunts. Some scenes showed the tiger coming in the first shot of the teaser. Meanwhile, the tiger is attacking the British, which raises suspicions as to whether Komuram Bheem has befriended the tiger.

Is this RRR leaks true?

Along with the tiger, some other wild animals are also seen in the action scenes. It is understandable whether Komuram Bhim instigated them with devious plans or diverted them to attack them. However, now on social media, the memes that Komuram Bhim is friends with the tiger are viral. And we have to wait until the release of this movie to know how true this story is

If you haven’t watched the glimpse of RRR, watch it from Here: RRR Glimpse: Rajamouli surprised with the high voltage action…

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