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Trainee soldiers die of electric shock



A tragic incident took place in Bihar. Three soldiers were killed by an electric shock. The accident took place in Supaul area of ​​the state. Trainee soldiers lost their lives on the spot when high voltage power lines were struck. Nine others were injured in the incident. The condition of four of them is alarming. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. Among the dead were Atul Patil, Parashuram Sambar and Mahendra Chandra Kumar Bopche from Maharashtra. Other jawans who reached there immediately after the incident rushed the injured to the hospital immediately. All of them were rushed to the Sub Divisional Hospital. SSB Purnia Range DIG Sanjay Kumar Sarangi rushed to the spot soon after learning of the incident. The jawans at the Birpur camp are being trained on various topics. After the training the trainee jawans tried to pick up the tents. However, when the high voltage wire touched the tent, the current spread throughout the tent. The soldiers received an electric shock when they tried to remove the tents. Three soldiers were killed on the spot. However, the jawans have repeatedly brought to the notice of the power department officials to remove the high-tension wire going over the training center. They were not removed, however. This accident would not have happened if the wire had been removed. Authorities are investigating the matter.


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