The Best Beautiful designs of rangoli for Diwali in 2021

Rangoli is famous in Diwali(the festival of lights)season, where ladies are interested in decorating their houses with these rangolis. Rangoli’s are often painted by ladies on floors during various festivals and functions to make their homes look beautiful and show their creativity to others. In this article, let us review the best beautiful designs of rangoli for Diwali in 2021.


Rangoli Designs for diwali

The best way to represent Diwali with rangoli is to design a Diya Rangoli. It is attractive and straightforward, which shows the Diwali cause. One can easily create Diya Rangoli by using 3 or 4 colours and spending less time. Most Indians widely prefer this design during Diwali Season. We used red, yellow, orange and dark blue to design the Diya, and a small flower is created at the bottom with pink and green colours.


The most welcoming thing in the entire world is flowers. What if we use them to design a rangoli to welcome our guests? The idea will be simply tremendous. To be more occasional for Diwali, the rangoli is designed with flowers having a swastika symbol at the centre. Red Roses are used as the background, and yellow Mexican Marigold(tagetes Erecta) is used to design the swastika symbol and border it. The combination of yellow, orange, red makes the design beautiful and welcoming for guests who enter the house. Watch the below video which shows the simple way to design the Flower Rangoli which makes your Diwali festival more beautiful.


Rangoli Designs for diwali

Peacock is known as the National bird of India. It looks beautiful and colourful when painted on the floor with various combinations of colours. Peacock Rangoli is one of the widely preferred rangoli during festivals and functions. There are numerous methods to create a peacock rangoli. Unlike other challenging designs, peacock styles can be painted conveniently and magnificently using 2 or 3 different colours. The benefit of these designs is that they don’t consume a lot of time yet still look exceptional on your doorstep. These designs are easy enough to be developed by a newbie and still reasonably sufficient to capture the visitor’s attention and imagination. The real trick behind creating a beautiful peacock design of rangoli for Diwali among the easy yet classy rangoli is to use the correct colours. Despite just how basic the rangoli looks, it will still look phenomenal and leave you amazed with the ideal colour design. The below Peacock rangoli looks stunning with blue, green, pink and white, along with a pinch of yellow colours. Please watch the below video to get an outline to draw a Peacock Rangoli design on your own.

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