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skulls and bones found: Facts uncovered in forced abortion case .. Skulls and bones in hospital premises – 11 skulls, 54 bones of fetus recovered from private hospital premises in wardha of maharashtra





  • Forced abortion for a girl in Wardha
  • 11 skulls, 54 bones on private hospital premises
  • Police arrested the accused

Police investigating a complaint that a girl was forcibly aborted when the rope was twisted revealed shocking facts. The atrocities committed by a private hospital have come to light. Fetal bones and skulls were found on the hospital premises. The accused were taken into police custody. The parents of a minor boy who had an affair with a 13-year-old girl in Maharashtra’s Wardha district have forced her to have a forced abortion. He also paid a hospital doctor to perform an abortion. A complaint was lodged with the police.

As part of the investigation, police inspected a biogas plant on the premises of Kadam Hospital in RV Tehsil. 11 skulls and 54 bones were found there. The matter was reported to the police. They also seized stained clothes, bags and shovels used for digging. Hospital director Rekha Kadam and one of her accomplices were arrested by the police in the case.

The RV police were informed about the case on January 4, said Vandana Sonune, assistant inspector of police, and Jyotsna, sub-inspector of police. He said that the fetal bones and skulls were sent for examination to find out whether all the abortions were done legally or not. However, doctors did not show any documents regarding the abortions. He said that he would provide protection to the victim.


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