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(Search Engine Optimization) SEO Checklist 2021



Attracting non-paid traffic towards the website is all that revolves around the activities carried out in Search Engine Optimization. These activities are keywords related and are associated with a brand that is also used by potential leads, customers or it could be website visitors as well. Thus, it is highly imperative that the website must be analyzed by users as well as machines, that is, search engine crawlers and bots.


Finally, the best SEO strategy will be a concoction of content, links, and social media and the relationship between the three. While you need to include content focused on meeting your target audience requirements, social media and social sharing will boost your reach and will help people find your content in a more easy way. Links, on the other hand, will emphasize you as a brand and will help define you as a trustworthy source for getting services. So, this is a cycle that you need to follow to drive SEO success. This will require you to write fresh and lengthy content; make your site mobile optimized; to gaining authority over your posts; to obtaining mobile technology and so on.

There are a plethora of factors on which keyword positioning on different search engines depends. Those who are a newbie to SEO and those who are experts; can go through the following elements to know the Best SEO checklist 2021.


Best SEO Checklist 2021:

Keywords Tag:

SEO Checklist 2021

It is well-known that Google has initiated this tag that actually does not affect the rankings, but there might be many SEO professionals who use these tags for other search engines. All you need to do is aim at 5 highly competitive keywords available within the tag.

The purpose of optimizing your website with keyword Tags is to draw in the customers that are looking to provide what you have to offer. Keeping your website consistent and providing quality content and spot-on keywords can dramatically increase your SEO points with Google and other search engines.

Many website platforms offer SEO experts tools to determine how searchable your content and keywords are. Make sure to take advantage of these. If your website platform doesn’t offer these tools, use Google Adwords Keyword tools to better optimize your website’s keywords.


Page Load Time:

The overall Page load time can be affected with each optimization of the image. The longest size may range from 72 dpi, 800 pixels, low or medium jpg for elevated loading speed. Employing “WP Super Cache” is capable of fixing the maximum of page load time issues. Employ the P3(Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin; make sure that all the plugins are not affecting the page load time.

Tailor Content:

In order to showcase your keywords, customize your content. Since you are having your framework in TKD’s; it’s high time when you must optimize your body text. Have a look at all the repetitive columns which are your main searchable string at the top of the list. In case, it is not; just put your keywords within the body text till it comes at the top. Follow this step, again and again, using the keywords and let them get placed near the “Found In” column.


H1 – H6 Tags:

Employ all the H1 tags up to H4 and H5 across the web pages with a minimum of 100 – 400 words in a particular content along with an optimum amount of search engine accessible text. Just avoid developing a page which is having less than 100 words within content.

External Pages:

Adding links to any external and high-quality website aids in building a good relation in the aspect of search engines. This strategy will definitely help the website to acquire a good ranking on various popular search engines.


Correct Errors:

Make changes within the basic Off-Page SEO such as Google geotags and Dublin core. So, in such a case, SEO quake can help you utmost. Have a check on Off-Page SEO using SEO Score and SEO Score to ensure that all the corrections have been made correctly.

Home Page:

Since all your web pages are completed and SEO activities are also done; just re-analyze your content for the homepage and adjust it accordingly. Fill up your homepage with all the relevant content associated with your products and offered services. Apply the same technique on your home page as well.


Alt Tags:

Embed Alt and Title tags to the images available on your website using appropriate file names for all the relevant listings available on Google Image Search. In order to see and review the images; title tags, ALT and image file names are a few of the factors that are used by most o search engines.


Fix social media buttons in order to encourage the readers so as to share the website content on profiles. All the websites with social signals can acquire bet rankings using such a technique.


All the above mentioned are only a few elements that are required for high results in the aspect of SEO. There are many more that can aid in improving the performance of newbie and expertise SEO professionals. This SEO Checklist 2021 is based on the current factors which influence SEO for a website.

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