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Search Engine Optimization by Google(August 2021) – On Page



We all want our websites to rank at the top of their class. Some of us are willing to do whatever it takes to get there, but Google has a set number of “best practices” which we must follow in that pursuit is On-page Optimization. As Google has changed its search ranking algorithms via the creation of Hummingbird, Panda, and Penguin, it has been difficult for Search Engine Optimization users to keep up with those changes. This has had a huge impact on webmasters around the world.


Everything here was casually written but with so much to make even the pros think twice about what they already know. There 3 important factors that need to keep in mind before we start On-Page Optimization for a website.

  1. Content
  2. HTML
  3. Design



Quality made quite a ruckus for content writers last 2020. Even after Panda, many sites, especially striving local businesses, still went on with the use of “fluff” articles. It’s time to wake up and get your content right on the dot before the Panda turns its eyes on your site. In a nutshell, the focus of any website owner now needs to be on quality over and above everything else. With the algorithm updates that have been released by Google of late, quality has become a vital component of achieving success in the rankings.

As for deep content users, try to get within the 750-word mark. And when focusing on e-commerce, aim for the 450-word mark. It’s all about getting down to business by being short and concise.



Keyword research is certainly a must if you wish to compete in SEO. It’s all about getting down to what matters most. It’s knowing what people need and making sure that you have that single solution on your site perfectly laid out for your readers. Think of each of your pages as a treasure chest containing a rare artifact.


Not all the best movies had the most famous casting. It’s all about having a great storyline and having each one playing their role exactly. Use your content as a Plus point to keep your readers not only well informed and eager for more but also involved. This gives them a sense of empowerment.



Keep your ads connected to your content. This makes your website generate better leads which will increase CPC.


Making your business succeed isn’t all about following what successful businesses did to achieve success. You don’t want to hear people telling others to go to your site because they can “also” find what they are looking for on your page. Instead, you want them to say that they can “only” find it there.



Titles & Headers:

Title labels are intriguing right now. But it all boils down to tweaking your labels and testing how various search strategies would react to them. 


Be sure to keep your description as unique and finely tuned to your content as possible. Staying within the range of (100-150)word limit will give you the best results.


Structured Data Markup:

Don’t just go with what search engines would want to show regarding your site. Keep in mind that this kind of business is not just about being a search engine pet and have more people knowing that your site exists but most especially, about getting people to trust in what you are truly capable of providing them with.

Keyword Stuffing & Concealed Elements:

Negative rankings stuff, such as keyword filling and hidden text, are too outdated that they simply get scraped off initially. Just remember that if the HTML of your site contains something that doesn’t get reflected on the page, then take it out.




Have you ever wondered if every page on your site gets crawled? If yes, then the fact that you’re wondering simply means that you aren’t certain that they are worthy to be crawled. Don’t just have a page setup then rely on luck alone for it to produce positive results.

Duplicate Content:

This shouldn’t even be a question that to be asked. Did you really want to get success out of someone else’s hard work?. Try to write SEO Optimized Articles with a range of a minimum of 650-1000 words. While duplicate content may have been acceptable many moons ago, the focus these days is definitely on originality. It is vital that you ensure your site contains not only original content but also high-quality content in order to adhere to Google’s guidelines. In addition, the content that you use should be useful to consumers, authoritative, and accurate, so you really need to put a strong focus on the originality and quality of the content on your site.



It’s not always a matter of having the best design for your page when a lot of people are inconvenienced by it. Remember that not everyone has high-speed internet.

Web addresses:

It’s about time to accept the reality that your URL is also a huge basis for whether or not it gets chosen among all the others on the list of results. In fact, people can easily remember it or talk about it if the URL is closely related to what they needed or did on your site.



It’s the era of mobile technology and a wake-up call for you to start making your pages responsive to mobile devices. You don’t want your site to get left behind as your potential consumers spend more time on their tablets and mobile phones away from home. Mobile optimization is no more a matter of the past! It’s not optional! The release of Google’s Hummingbird update has bound the websites to develop some mobile strategies or else it is going to be quite harder for them to rank higher on the search engine page results (SERPs). Besides, making responsive themed websites that can be accessed on all mobile devices will act as the surefire way to connect to more people.

Need for optimization for mobile devices:

According to a survey around 17.4 percent of web traffic globally is derived from mobile alone. That’s because, an increasing number of people are accessing the web via their handy phones than conventional desktop or computer systems, which has resulted in rising in the demand for mobile-optimized content. What’s more, Google shows local results to organic searches that are carried out on mobile devices. So, businesses need to think seriously about adopting mobile strategies, and it’s’ no longer an option, but more of a requisite. Acquiring a higher ranking on search engines will mainly depend on whether your site is accessible on desktop, mobile, and tablet or not.


Above are the best practices that need to be followed by a blogger in order to get their website Search Engine Optimization by Google.


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