RRR promotions discontinued .. For the first time in two years, netizens are appreciating another step up!

RRR Promotions discontinued

It is a known fact that many film fans all over the world are waiting for the upcoming film ‘RRR’ directed by SS Rajamouli. The makers plan to release the wallpapers on January 7 as a gift for the film, which has already finished shooting. However, the film, which started its promotion this morning, stopped in the evening. If you go into those details

As a periodic action drama

NTR, Ram Charan and Rajamouli star in the movie ‘RRR’ under the name RRR. NTR and Ram Charan are playing the roles of Telugu historical heroes Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju in this film which is being screened as a periodic action drama. Actress Olivia Morris and actress Alia Bhatt will play the lead roles of Ajay Devgn in the film.

Renaming of RRR to PV ‘RRR’

Leading multiplex theaters chain PVR has changed its logo for the RRR movie, naming it PVRRR. In place of the last ‘R’ in their logo, they added the name of the movie and named it ‘PV’ RRR ‘. The event was held in Andheri, Mumbai on Friday and was attended by director Rajamouli, producer DVV Danayya and his son Karthikeya. Director Rajamouli unveiled the new logo.

Postponement of RRR to January 7 2022

Earlier it was announced that it would be released on October 13 as a Dasara gift. Finally, it was announced that Sankranthi would be released on January 7 as a gift. The unit for film promotion has teamed up with multiplex giant PVR Cinemas to launch a new nationwide release that has created a new chapter in the history of Indian cinema. All multiplexes related to PVR Cinemas have been renamed as PVRRR. PVR Cinemas will not be seen as PVRRR until the RRR release. This is a record in the history of Indian cinema.

We are postponing

Rajamouli had earlier announced that he was joining hands with the PVR company and felt that promotions should start from the evening. Everyone expected the announcement of Glimpses to be released from the movie as part of it. But with the unexpected death of Kannada power star Puneet Rajkumar in the evening, tragic shadows fell all over the country. The company has announced that it is postponing the announcement of the RRR movie this evening due to some unavoidable reasons in the background.

Netizens showered praises on the makers of RRR

However, every time it was postponed, NTR Ram Charan fans trolled the RRR makers badly. But for the first time in almost two years, the RRR makers were praised in this regard. Normally you would be incensed if you were making such a postponement announcement but this time it happened in the Kannada film industry Netizens are showering praises on RRR filmmakers saying that death is a tragedy and we have taken it one step further.

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