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Perseverance Aliens search on Mars .. NASA rover fails on first attempt



It is known that the successful launch of the American Space Research Organization to the surface of Mars (Mars) in February this year. NASA has sent this six-wheeled rover to investigate whether there was life on the planet Aruna in the past. The rover remained there for two years, drilling rocks and ground to continue research for life. However, the first attempt by Perseverance to collect stone specimens on the surface seems to have failed. NASA on Friday released photos of the perseverance effort. It shows a small mound with a hole in the middle next to the rover as the robot digs on the surface of Mars. However, information received by the rover to the ground center stated that the first attempt to collect the sample and seal it in the tube failed. Indicated that the soil sample had not been collected. ‘While this may not be the result we expect, new experiments are always risky,’ said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator at the NASA Science Mission Directorate. “We are confident that our team will work on this issue and find a solution for the future success of Perseverance,” he said. Drilling is the first step in collecting samples from the surface of Mars. It takes about 11 days. The Perseverance rover landed safely on Mars. Scientists believe that the lake formed on Mars 3.5 billion years ago. Scientists predict that there may be life because there is water. In this context it is hoped that an examination of the specimens there will yield information about the existence of the organism. Also, Aurora will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of geography. Shortly after landing on Mars on February 18 this year, the rover sent two photos. These photos were taken with low resolution cameras fitted to the rover. It was clear that there was dust on the camera glass. However, the surface of Mars on the front and rear of the rover was clearly visible. NASA plans to collect a total of 30 samples from Mars by 2023.


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