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TECH2 days ago

pattikonda: 26 natu bombs found in home – pattikonda kurnool

Highlights: Another bomb blast in Kurnool district 26 grenades found in a house in Pathikonda A bomb exploded in a...

TECH5 days ago

china artificial moon: the next artificial sun .. Today artificial jabilli: China builds another miracle in scientific research – china builds artificial moon to mimic lunar environment on earth

Highlights: China innovative technology for research on the moon. Scientists who established conditions on the surface of the javelin. China...

TECH7 days ago

pawan kalyan: Pawan Kalyan will be the Chief Minister in 2023 .. CM Jagan plans are: Janasena Satya Comments Viral – janasena leader bolisetty satya says that pawan kalyan will be chief minister for 2023

Janasena party leader Bolishetti Satyanarayana made interesting remarks on the change of power in Andhra Pradesh. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan...

TECH1 week ago

When he came to steal, the others killed him .. Atrocities in Warangal

Five young men prepared to take the supari and hit one. Pretending to buy cigarettes and arguing over the rate....

TECH2 weeks ago

james webb telescope: Golden Mirror .. James Web Telescope Key Step Success – amazing milestone as nasa fully deploys james webb telescope in space

It is known that two weeks ago the American Space Research Organization (NASA) sent the James Webb Space Telescope into...

TECH2 weeks ago

china artificial sun: China artificial sun that glows for 17 minutes .. Newest world record – china artificial sun fusion reactor just got five times hotter than the sun

The sun is the basis of all life in the infinite universe. Humans, animals, and plants all survive on the...



Politics2 hours ago

new zealand prime minister: New Zealand PM cancels wedding – new zealand pm cancels wedding because of new covid rules

Highlights: Jacinda Ardern, married to Clark Gayford Virus for 9 people going to a wedding ceremony Strict sanctions in force...

Politics2 hours ago

Indonesia capital change .. The government seems to be the reason ..!

Indonesia has changed. Capital City has always been striving for change. A crucial step has now been taken for that....

Politics3 hours ago

woman gang raped in mumbai: Atrocities in Mumbai .. 20 year old girl gang raped – a girl was gang raped by four man in mumbai

Highlights: Gang rape on a young woman Three of the accused are minors Ongoing investigation The atrocity took place in...

Politics4 hours ago

baby deer from drowning: dog saves deer life .. Netizens praise Bhala – dog saves baby deer from drowning in water video viral

Highlights: A deer calf trapped in a stream of water The dog that swam and brought the deer ashore The...

Politics4 hours ago

favorite hymn dropped: Gandhi’s favorite song removed కాంగ్రెస్Ideological War Anna Congress – congress party slams government for removal of gandhi favorite hymn from beating retreat ceremony

Highlights: Beating Retreat on the 29th Mahatma’s favorite hymn ‘Abide with me’ Congress fires on center decision The Center has...

Politics18 hours ago

Vote if the road is paved .. Villagers who issued the ultimatum

Politics in UP is heating up as it gets closer. The parties are sharpening their tactics for victory. Campaigns have...

Politics19 hours ago

thrown mask on road: AAP activist who gave a mask మాజీ Former minister who fell on the road – ex minister imarti devi thrown face mask on road in madhya pradesh

Highlights: Op activists distributing masks in Datia The activist who gave the mask to Imarti Devi who came in the...

Politics21 hours ago

Unexpected twists in the marriage .. The girl who changed the groom .. The boy who is asking for compensation of Rs. 7 lakhs

The wedding, which was supposed to be a glorious affair, became confusing. Those who had to unite became enemies. The...

Politics22 hours ago

kerala bike accident: Selfie on a speeding bike .. A young man who slipped out of control – bike accident in kerala of kerala youth suffers severe injuries in accident

Highlights: Accidental bike in Kerala Young people racing Seriously injured young man An incident that seems to have meant taking...

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