Leveraging Technology for Organisational Excellence

Technology and HR: Benefiting from Each Other: “Technology and HR are business enablers. Integrating the two not only means harmonious coexistence but also leveraging each other. Leveraging technology for HR. Means digitizing normal HR activities, administrative office automation, and transactions. activities related to recruitment, management activity, career planning, sequential planning, training, and knowledge management Utilizing the human resources of technology means managing technology-related changes through communication, training, recruitment, retraining, and mindfulness analysis and retention of stakeholders. can play complementary roles. ”

Raising technology for human resources

Human resource management as a function is responsible for achievements such as the implementation of the business strategy, the effectiveness of the management, the contribution of the employees, and the ability to change. All this is accomplished by what human beings do, e.g. recruitment, development, compensation, benefits, organization, equipment design, etc. Technology is being implemented in most of these areas.

electronic contracting

The staff is an area in which all companies worthy of their name use information technology. There are two different e-shopping models and both are popular. One hires through the company’s own websites and the other hosts their requirements on other websites like monster .com, jobsdb.com, jobsahead.com, naukri.com, jobstreet.com, and so on. The first models are more popular at larger companies that have an attractive brand for potential employees, for example, GE, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HCL, ICICI, Reliance, Mindtree Consulting, and so on. Other companies prefer to go to workshops. Some adopt both.

Self-service for employees

Perhaps one of the benefits of IT is the self-employment of employees, which relieved HR of most normal tasks and helped improve employee satisfaction. Employee self-employment is a large group of small activities previously performed by the employee through the human resources management wing. These are travel reservations, information on travel rules, travel bills, holiday rules, holiday management, privilege management, and so on.


The most common communication on management tools has always been a gray area in human resource management. In large companies with a wide geographic distribution, communicating with all employees has been a major challenge for HR professionals. Again technology saved. From telephones, faxes, email, and maturity to video conferencing, internet, internet broadcasting, etc., communication is one of the areas of human resources that have benefited a lot from technology. Mice and click companies like Oracle, IBM have a network that meets most of the information needs of their employees. Brick & Morter companies like BILT have also invaded the online communications of internal communications, which has the company’s message, media coverage, and knowledge.

administrative knowledge

Another area of HR that improves technology is employee development. Programmed learning (PL), that is, learning at your own pace, is one of the most effective forms of learning for adults. The use of technology for this purpose cannot be exaggerated. Aptech Online University and “The Manage mentor” are some of the Indian websites about this corporate knowledge management that are an integral part of any educational organization and that cannot become a reality without technology. Companies can improve the knowledge of their employees by indexing and hosting them on the intranet. Talk to consulting firms “Big-5” or not “too big” consulting companies and you will find that the main residence of your company is the knowledge repository. Technology allowed them to quickly recover it. In a competitive environment, where speed is the name of game technology, knowledge management consistently gives a strategic advantage.

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