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jharkhand man account: Rs 75 crore deposited in old man’s account .. Poor farmer who is a millionaire overnight! – more than rs 75 crores credited poor man account and became a millionaire overnight in jharkhand





  • Savings account for a farmer in the Central Bank.
  • Residence in Puri hut with wife and children.
  • Chasing fear of being quoted as a deposit.

An incident took place in Jharkhand where Rs 75 crore was deposited in the bank account of a poor old man. The old man was heartbroken as he had crores of rupees in his bank account. Pulorai lives with his wife and four children in a Puri hut in Sagar village, Jharmundi zone, Dumka district. The family makes a living by farming. He has an account at the Central Bank of India branch. He went to a nearby rural service center on Monday to collect his pension money.

He took Rs 10,000 from his account. But with Rs 75.28 crore still in the account, Pulorai was taken aback. Seeing that so much money was in his account, he did not play with his hands and feet. He said he did not know where the money came from. On Tuesday, he again checked the amount of cash in the account and showed that it was Rs 5 crore. He explained that he did not know how the remaining Rs 70 crore would go back again. A large number of people are coming to meet Pulorai as this matter is known to all.

He expressed concern that he feared what would happen with such a large amount of money coming into his account. After sleeping peacefully all these years, he was angry that the kunuke on his eye had dried up since he knew this. He joins his hands and innocently answers that there is nothing wrong with me. Despite the quotes, he did not stop working on the farm. However, the bank officials who responded to the matter said that they would investigate where the money came from in the Floroy account.


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