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james webb space telescope: NASA ‘James Web’ into Ningi .. 1350 billion year old looking back time machine – worlds most powerful space telescope james webb space blasted off into orbit





  • Larger telescope launch than Hubble.
  • 10 thousand scientists who worked for the project.
  • NASA spends Rs 73,000 crore on US

Scientists have achieved another crucial milestone in discovering the mystery of the birth of the universe. The James Webb Telescope, designed over 25 years by thousands of scientists from 29 countries to search the infinite universe, successfully crashed into Ningxi on Saturday. The Rs 75,000 crore project is the largest in the history of space research.

Developed by NASA in collaboration with European and Canadian space agencies, the web telescope was launched by a European Ariane rocket off the coast of French Guiana in South America. The rocket will travel for months and reach a distance of 15 million miles from Earth. NASA researchers say it will take another five months for the telescope to begin functioning. The rocket was made small to accommodate the journey.

“More information about the universe … our location in this infinity is provided by the James Webb Telescope,” NASA said. NASA says it is possible to trace aliens along with the birth of the universe. So far, many satellites have been sent to explore the universe. Searched for celestial mysteries with the help of telescopes such as Hubble. The latest discovery is another step forward with the James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Telescope will work to explore the aftermath of the Big Bang, the birth of galaxies, and the emergence of the universe. Tells more secrets than the Hubble Telescope? Scientists are excited. The telescope was named after James Webb, who led NASA research in the 1960s.


In fact, the experiment was scheduled to take place on Friday, but not on Christmas Day. Measuring 70 feet long and 46 feet wide, it is the size of a tennis court. Its gilded mirror is 6.5 meters (21 feet) wide. These are made of the lightest beryllium element. A huge five-layer shield was set up to protect the telescope.

‘In addition to investigating the evolution of the universe .. habitable planets .. this telescope is looking for traces on them .. how sensitive it is .. if there is a firefly as far as the distance from the earth to the moon .. can detect its body temperature … 1350 billion years ago This is the time machine .. If everything goes as planned the shield will open in the next 3 days and reach its place in five days.


For the first 12 days of the voyage, the mirrors would fall apart one by one. NASA estimates that James Webb will be in service for at least ten years.

“It’s a wonderful day, a real Christmas,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, head of the NASA scientific machine. After the rocket carries the telescope 120 km, the shield, called a ‘firing’, is modified to reduce its load. A special system was designed to protect this sensitive device from stress at that stage.