How “Tesla cars” are being at the top in the race of electric vehicles.?

Whoever in this world will know about Tesla, the worlds most enormous battery car production unit the world, which brought out the revolutionary development in battery cars. The history of battery cars range from the early 1800. but the cause of various reasons, battery cars were not encouraged, and people minimally used battery cars but later, two centuries after the invention of battery cars in later 2000s in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc started the company tesla. Its name is a tribute to the inventor and electrical engineer “Nikola Telsa”. But let us not waste time knowing about the history of Tesla. Let us know how Tesla sustained and revolutionised battery cars in the current automobile world.

Tesla has brought up their first electric car in In 2008. Tesla Motors released its first car, the completely electric Roadster. It achieved 245 miles (394 km) on a single charge in company tests, a range unprecedented for a production electric car. The first highly functional tesla car was the tesla roadster. It became a boom to the Tesla, and the most important thing to notice was its mileage range on single charge and autopilot, although autopilot was not fully functional. From then on, Tesla has not stopped producing new models with a high degree of mileage, beating out all the electric car manufacturers, and the most important thing was the software update given to the car. For every software, the mileage range increases are the most innovative part of Tesla. Along with developers, they also developed auto parking and developed autopilot. Here we will see about the development 0f tesla from every model they made.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Cars

Tesla Roadster is the most successful model that Tesla has ever produced cause it has a high driving range comparable to all batter cars during that era, along with a much higher level of performance. It was a beast in electric vehicles produced during that time with o-60miles in 2.5 seconds was a sports car with the most stylish design. But the tesla roadster is not supported with supercharging.

Model S

Tesla Model-S

Tesla model s is the worlds first exclusive sedan and electric vehicle. It was engineered to give a thrilling drive experience and with extended range. It is the worlds fastest four-door electric vehicle with a rigid body and a shallow centre of gravity. It has received many awards and accolades, along with motor trend 2013car of the year, times best invention of 2012, consumer reports highest scorer ever given to the car and the most luxury car under 80,000 USD.

Model 3

Tesla Model-3

Tesla Model 3 constructed with dual-motor all-wheel drive. The most highly upgraded wheels and brakes and lowered suspension for total control in all climatic conditions accelerates from 0-60mph in just 3.1 seconds. It is the most purchased car all around the world cause of its most affordable price of just 60,000USD.

Model Y

Tesla Model-Y

The Tesla Model Y is a successful crossover and even better electric vehicle. It successfully builds on lifestyle, range, technology, and value pioneered by the Model 3 sedan. It brings new functionality to all buyers who want the look, space, and capability of an SUV, and its price range was too affordable; its content starts from just 64,000 USD.

Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla all-new 2020 model x is a great SUV not just because it offers more than 300 miles of all-electric car range .themodel x stand out for the most luxury hybrid and electric SUV class. the vehicle 

Cyber Truck

Cyber Truck

Tesla cyber truck is the most futuristic truck. It has more wide range as compared to all SUVs of Tesla. It has a maximum payload capacity of 3500 tons, and everything is completely electric. In full charge, it can travel up to 480km. This car accelerates from 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds. It is completely Bulletproof, and the tires are so powerful and can go on any type of roads. 


Battery cars are eco friendly without releasing dangerous gases from the exhaust. A tesla car can give up to 500km mileage in a single charge, along with supercharging, where a vehicle can get a full charge in 30 minutes. They are affordable and reduces the cost of spending on a petrol/diesel car. They are cost-effective. Even the government is giving subsidy to these electric cars. They can be charged at home, and there is no need to visit power stations for charging the vehicle. But a particular line needs to be installed for charging an electric car at home. They are luxurious and powerful SUV’s. Tesla Roadster is even a sports car. All Tesla Electric Cars are equipped with autopilot mode, i.e., no need for drivers to drive the vehicle. The Tesla team announced that the cyber truck charges itself from solar power, and it is going to be upgraded from its previous range by adding 15miles of the prior range. The future is only based on electric cars because of their features since they don’t release pollution. 

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