How AI Artificial Intelligence can make this world a better place?

AI Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? and How AI can make this world a better place?

In this article, we would be talking about Artificial Intelligence or AI, how it works, and its benefits towards making this world a better place to live.

Whether you are tech-savvy or not, you must have heard this word: “Artificial Intelligence”. Even one of the most prominent entrepreneurs, Elon Musk, has given so many speeches on it.He has even made a company named Neuralink to handle and manage AI and work on it. Big tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook etc., have been giving resources and consistently working on AI.

So after reading these things, a simple question arises in our mind; “What is AI and how can it benefit us?” So in this article, we would be giving you a brief detail about this and tell you how it can change our world to make it a better place.

So Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science and coding, which aims to assemble human thinking in machines perfectly. Simply put, it’s all about robots and machines. All this started in the 1950s with a simple question of a mathematician, Alan Turing that “Can machines think?” This simple question of three words founded the vision of Artificial Intelligence and its aim to change the world.

Since then, it has been a significant subject of debate among many people. Many lectures and books have been given on it. Many people say that AI is good and can prove beneficial for the welfare of this world. But on the other side, some people believe that this intelligence is dangerous and can make humans the slaves of machines.

What is Artificial Intelligence actually, and how does it work?

Artificial intelligence uses robots and machines to imitate the critical thinking and decision-making abilities of human beings.
At its most straightforward form, artificial intelligence is a field, which joins software engineering and robust datasets to empower critical thinking. It likewise incorporates machine learning and coding sub-fields, which are regularly referenced related to artificial intelligence and technology.
These disciplines include AI calculations or algorithms, which try to make master frameworks that make expectations or arrangements dependent on input information.

Today, a ton of hype encompasses computer-based intelligence advancement, which is anticipated from any new arising innovation in the market.

There are two categories in Artificial intelligence:

  • Weak AI
  • Strong AI

Weak AI

Weak AI is a simple form of Artificial Intelligence that can be used to perform simple tasks with the help of robots. The best examples of it are Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby.
These are simple illustrations of weak AI and can be used for doing simple works which can be outsourced.

Strong AI

Strong AI is the primary type of robot intelligence. It can be used to make such robots and machines which could work on themselves and have much-thinking abilities to make their own decisions.

Meanwhile, they haven’t been made. For example, you can see in science fiction movies, such robots and machines are shown which can think on themselves and make decisions with their own powers.

There are many benefits of AI, like they help reduce human errors. Machines can do repetitive jobs quickly and much faster than humans.
Simple tasks can be outsourced to robots. They help in Digital Assistance as well. One significant point is that the machines are available 24*7.

But there are some risks of artificial intelligence as well. The biggest one is the reduction in employment. As the population is growing, more and more jobs are needed to provide work. But when AI comes, it will take over approximately 50 per cent of the jobs of this world, as projected by Elon Musk.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning, Which one is better?

Artificial Intelligence is an innovation that empowers a machine to recreate human thinking abilities. Machine Learning is a subset of AI which allows a device to consequently gain from past information without programming extensively.

Machine Learning empowers a framework to settle on accurate measures by gaining past information without being extensively programmed.ML utilizes a vast measure of organized and semi-organized information so an AI model can produce precise outcomes or give expectations dependent on that information.Machine Learning deals with algorithms that are learned on their own utilizing collected information.

It turns out just for explicit areas. For example, in case we are making an AI model to recognize pictures of humans, it will just give results for human pictures, however assuming we provide other information like animal pictures, it will not give any response. Machine Learning is already being utilized in different places, for example, trading and finance calculations, for Google search calculations, Email spam channel, Facebook Auto companion labelling ideas, and so forth.
While Artificial Intelligence is such a vast subject to study and work on, Machine Learning is a sub-branch of it and has a limited scope.

Artificial Intelligence vs Data Science, What to choose?

To understand between AI and Data Science, we should first have to know about Data Science and its role in the Modern World.
Data Science is an expansive field of study relating to information algorithms and calculations, aimed towards keeping up with databases and deriving meaningful information from them to use further.
Data Scientists utilize a blend of applications, standards, tools and calculations to figure out arbitrary information clusters.
Since practically a wide range of associations today are producing extraordinary measures of information throughout the globe, it becomes hard to maintain and store this information.

Data science centres around data displaying and data warehousing to follow the consistently developing collection of data.
The important data which is derived out of these methods is then used for guiding business processes, financial processes, Digital Algorithms etc.
Data Science on its own is a very vast field to explore. It has many beneficial and essential uses, mainly in the world of Business and Finance.
In the world of Finance and Economy, Data Science is used to make important decisions about Companies, predict the profits and losses that a business can face in future by seeing the situations etc.

So as Machine Learning is a sub-branch of AI and comes in it, Data Science is a different independent field.While AI involves robots and machines; Data Science focuses on using data to extract various important information so that it can be used for many purposes.So both AI and Data Science are essential and perfect at their places and have immense scope in the upcoming future world.

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