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garibaldi restaurant: Food arrives in 13.5 seconds ..! – food serves in just 13.5 seconds in mexican restaurant





  • Customers queuing for Garibaldi Restaurant
  • Food on the table in minutes
  • Guinness World Record holder restaurant

Go to hotel .. restaurant .. for a long time after ordering but food does not come on our table. But there is no such suffering in a restaurant. If you go there and place an order like this .. the waiters will bring it like that. The restaurant also holds the Guinness World Record. At the Garibaldi Restaurant in Mexico, food is served within 13.5 seconds of customers ordering. Customers go there again and again because of this uniqueness. Customers are queuing up for that restaurant.

The waiters there had fun competing over who would serve the fastest food to the customers. The Guinness Book of World Records holds the same serious habit. This made the restaurant even more popular. Delivered on August 31, 1996 in 13.5 seconds. Still this restaurant continues the same pattern. Customers are going there very happily with food being served so fast.

Mexican cuisine can take hours to prepare. That is why all the ingredients in the restaurant are prepared in advance. Put them neatly on the plate. As soon as someone comes and orders, the food items are immediately placed on their table. Communication between waiters is just as fast to make this work happen faster. The restaurant also trains them to communicate with signs.


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