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Edu Mail Benefits(August 2021)



Benefits of Edu mail

There are so many benefits of having an Edu mail called Educational mail, Provided by the educational institutions(Universities). Generally, students get a lot of offers and services with this Edu mail. Let us see some of the best offers that a student with their Student Mail can claim.


Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage generally can be used to store photos, documents, files, etc. The most popular cloud storage people use these days are Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. Google Drive(GD) is one of the widely used cloud storage platforms. In general, a person who is having a google account contains free 15 GB of storage. Now with student mail, a student can get unlimited google drive storage. 

Similarly, a OneDrive user needs to pay 5$ a month in the USA, and 360rs need to be paid by Indian users for 1TB storage for a month. Still, with student mail, you can get that 1Tb of storage for free. Students can also use their Edu mail to claim free IDrive cloud backup, especially for students and educational institutions free.



GitHub is a platform for code hosting. One can control Versions of their source codes and collaborate with other developers. Having student mail can give you a free “Github Student Developer Pack” along with it. You can claim free services such as free Canva pro membership and free Me, Tech, Store extension domains where you can host them using GitHub itself. Students can also claim a free SSL certificate with student mail from GitHub. Digital Ocean will give 50$ credit for students.  

Amazon Prime Membership

Almost every one of them uses Amazon, and it’s one of the best-known e-commerce sites and Over the Top (OTT) platforms. Amazon Prime Membership gives more benefits such as one-day delivery, Access to sales prior. Along with it, you can watch movies and TV series for free on their OTT Platform. Users need to pay 120$ per year or 12.99$ per month to get Amazon Prime Membership in the USA. In India, users need to pay 999rs per year. Having student mail or edu mail can give you access for six months to Amazon Prime Membership. So the benefits mentioned above for free for six months. Students can also claim free membership in AWS(Amazon WorkSpace).


RoboForm Password Manager

People like me often change their passwords in concern with their securities and forget their changed password. This problem can be solved using a password manager. One of the best-known Password managers in the current market is RoboForm Password Manager. It costs you 13.48$ for one year of RoboForm Everywhere. Still, with student mail, you can claim a one-year RoboForm Everywhere for absolutely free. 

Jet Brains Student License

Jet Brains is the most popular software development company which provides essential tools for software developers and teams. Computer Science students need to submit projects that will earn them credits, which help them in their better grades. Jet Brains is offering free student licenses for students.



Spotify is one of the most popular Audio Streaming platforms. One needs to pay 9.99$ for a month for Spotify Premium membership in the USA, but with student mail, you can get it for 4.99$, which is nearly 50% off. In India, students need to pay 59rs, whereas an average person needs to pay 199 per month. Spotify Premium users can listen to unlimited music, podcasts, and many more. 

Windows 10 Education Free

Most of the laptops run under the Windows operating system. You need to pay for the activation key, but having student mail can give you free windows 10 Education. You will get office 365 with it for absolutely free. Office 365 consists of the essential software which is used in the daily life of a tech person. 



AutoDesk is the most famous tool used by Architecture to design a 3D model in Engineering and construction. It is used in product design and manufacturing as well. Autodesk is used for creating animation scenes and VFX that filmmakers use for animation movies. For students, it is excellent news since they are offering a free student version on all their products, and it can be claimed using student mail. But without student mail, you need to spend thousands of dollars to get all Autodesk software. So this will save thousands of dollars for students with only having student mail.

Free Domain

As discussed in the above section, students can get a free .me extension domain from Namecheap and free SSL for one year. And students can also claim the .tech extension domain from “” and .code, .games extension domains from “” for free.



The mentioned benefits are some of the advantages which students can claim by having student mail. Students can claim many benefits with student mail that are not mentioned in this article and found on GitHub Student Developer Pack Section.

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