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doctor simon bramhall: Liver transplant .. Autograph engraved doctor .. Appropriate sentencing court – uk surgeon banned from medicine after signing his initials on patients liver





  • Physician who treats patients with psychological conflict.
  • Dr. who publishes fiction stories with another person.
  • The court declared the physician ineligible to continue.

The doctor who performed the liver transplant surgery .. At that time, the incident where the patient had an autograph on his liver became a sensation in 2013. The tribunal recently ruled on the incident in Britain. Dr. Simon Bramhall, a surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK, performed liver transplant surgery on a man. But, after the surgery his health did not improve and he consulted another doctor.

The doctor examined the patient and found 1.6-inch letters on the liver. The surgery also turned out to be a failure. The victim then approached the court seeking damages. As the matter became a sensation, the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service (MPTS) launched an inquiry. Dr. Simon admitted that he had autographed his liver using an organ beam machine. The tribunal ruled in 2017 that it should impose an immediate fine of Rs 10 lakh (వేల 10,000).

Then in December 2020 the case was reviewed again and the doctor revoked the recognition. The decision was challenged in the High Court by the General Medical Council, where Simon was spotted. The tribunal, which continued its next hearing on Monday, delivered its latest verdict. ” Autograph on the liver may not cause physical harm to the patient. But, mentally it will haunt him forever .. Simon destroys the doctor-patient trust by committing this atrocity due to professional arrogance. We are removing him from the medical profession permanently, “the tribunal said.

However, it allowed Simon to go on appeal within 28 days. On the other hand, Dr. Bramhall also writes thrilling fiction novels with a man named Fiona Murphy. ‘The Letterman’ is a website by Murphy and Bramhall. A story about a conflict that arose in a victim after an autograph was inscribed on his liver. ‘Just Another Saturday Night’ is the story of a regional hospital accident and emergency department in the UK. It mentions those who lost limbs in the accident and were seriously injured.


Their first book, ‘Trick or Treat?’, Described racism, incompetence, and drug abuse in hospitals. It was published in June 2019, a year and a half after Bramhall pleaded guilty to autographing a patient’s liver. Bramhall commented on Amazon’s author’s biography, saying that his “many years of experience as a consultant surgeon was useful for medical novels.”


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