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delhi bomb: bomb in Delhi .. defused authorities – bomb found at flower market of delhi



A bomb explodes in the national capital on the eve of Republic Day. Police on Friday found a bomb in a suspicious bag at the Ghazipur flower market in Delhi. The bomb squad was informed and the crew checked the bag and seized the bomb. The bomb was later defused. Samples were collected in connection with the bomb. The concerned authorities will prepare a report on this. A case has been registered in the Delhi Police Special Cell.

Authorities evacuated the Ghazipur flower market. Checks are being made on whether there are bombs elsewhere. Heavy forces were deployed there as part of precautionary measures. Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said the IED had been seized. He said the bomb was in an abandoned leather bag in a crowded market. However, he said he was informed at 10:19 a.m. that he suspected IED was in a bag.


Authorities say the bag was taken to an open ground and buried eight feet deep after a National Security Guard team defused the bomb. Currently, the National Security Guard team has completely cordoned off the area around Ghazipur. Delhi police were alerted to the incident. Trying to find out more details in this regard.


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