Create a Traditional Indian Rangoli With This Step-By-Step Tutorial


The art of rangoli has deep roots in Indian culture. It is a Hindu custom to create rangoli designs at the entrances of homes, businesses, and temples to welcome people with auspicious patterns. With the increasing popularity of Indian culture worldwide, many are adopting this tradition as their own. 

Rangoli are artistic designs made from different colours of dry rice flour, sometimes with other materials. They are usually created during Hindu festivals. They are also used as a greeting to identify each other during festivals and other social gatherings easily. While they can be pretty beautiful, rangoli can also be challenging to create, so it’s not uncommon for people to want to hire a professional to do it for them. It’s believed that rangoli brings happiness into your life, as well as peace and prosperity. Here are some tips for you to use when decorating with rangoli.


How To Make A Rangoli: The Beautifully Colorful Indian Design

Rangoli is an Indian art form traditionally made during the festival of Diwali. The word rangoli is made up of two words, “rang” meaning “colour”, and “oli”, meaning powder or pigment. Rangolis are also known as kolams in south India.

The purpose of a rangoli is to ward off evil forces. They are typically drawn on the floor, where prancing spirits and goblins can easily see it on Diwali night. Here are some steps to make your rangoli design at home.

Materials you’ll need to create Rangoli.

To make a rangoli, you will need the following materials:

  • A flat surface
  • The white powder of any kind. Rice flour is a popular choice, but you can also use sand, chalk, or sugar.
  • Brown powder of any kind. You can use sand, chalk, or charcoal. You can also mix brown and white powders to create grey shades.
  • Silver or gold powder to create shades of white.
  • A pen or brush to draw patterns.
  • A bucket or container to hold the powders.
  • A bowl to mix the powders in.
  • A flat surface that is large enough to make your rangoli design.
  • Coloured markers or paints to decorate your rangoli design.
  • Coloured tissue paper to wipe the extra colours around your rangoli design, Which makes your rangoli neater.

How to make your rangoli design

Start by drawing a frame around the area that you want to be your rangoli. To create a more exciting design, you can do this in a pattern. For example, if you want to draw a rectangle, start at the top, draw a line to the left, and draw another line to the right.

Next, mix your colours and start filling in the frame with the patterns and shapes you want. Be sure to mix up the colours so that they are not too similar. You can also add white lines in between the shapes.

Finally, when you are done drawing your rangoli, add a border around it using a darker shade of the same colour. This will help create a more cohesive design. Now you have your own beautifully designed rangoli!

Basic rangoli designs

One of the most popular rangolis is the rangoli heart. To make a heart:

  1. Draw a line down the centre of the design and then draw a line on either side.
  2. Add a series of dots and shapes to form the outline of the heart.
  3. Add your favourite colours to fill in the designs.

Rangolis can also be made in spiral patterns. To start:

  1. Draw a circle and make a small dot in the centre.
  2. Make small circles around the dot, making sure they get slightly longer each time.
  3. Keep going until your circle is filled.

There are tons of different designs you can make with this variation. Experiment with different shapes and patterns to see which you like best!

Border with dots and dashes

To make a basic rangoli design, all you need is a flat surface and various colours. A shallow container or a flat surface on the ground will do.

1. Find a space on your floor where there is room for your design.

2. Draw a border with a variety of dots and dashes.

3. Fill in the design with different colours.

4. Repeat the process on the other side.

Now you have your very own rangoli!

5. You can also fill some design parts with dots or dashes for more texture and visual interest.

6. Have fun!

Traditional Indian flower designs 

Rangolis can be made with different colours, materials, and patterns. Traditionally, rangolis are made with rice powder, sindoor (red), turmeric, or coloured sand. They are often decorated with flowers, fruits, leaves, and other objects.

An easy rangoli design to make is a traditional Indian flower design. To make this design:

  1. Draw a circle on the floor with a circle of flour as the base.
  2. Draw parallel lines within the circle as well as outward from the circle.
  3. Fill the inner circle with rice powder and spread it towards the outer lines.
  4. Draw a line from the centre of the flower to another point on the outer line and fill it in with rice powder.

Your rangoli is now complete!

This design is best for beginners and is a great way to practice drawing with flour and rice powder. You can also experiment with different colours and designs. For example, you can draw a traditional Indian peacock design or a lotus flower design to make your rangoli unique!

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Why is Rangoli most popular in India?

Indian culture is rich with tradition. One of India’s most popular and traditional forms of art is rangoli, a pattern or picture made from coloured rice powder or other dry, colourful powders. Rangoli are traditionally drawn on the floor outside of homes during Indian festivals to ward off evil spirits and use them for decoration. The patterns are intricate and beautiful, so it’s worth learning about them! Here are some ways you can create your rangoli design.

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