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Bishop acquitted in non-rape case .. Police in awe of court verdict



The court acquitted Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who faces multiple charges of raping a Christian nun between 2014 and 2016. It is learned that the police have registered a case against Bishop Franco and arrested him following a complaint lodged by a Christian nun. Franco was the first Catholic bishop to be arrested on rape charges in the country. The lawyer on his behalf said his client was fully cooperating with the court and the police. Cases of rape, intimidation and forcible detention were reported against Franco Mulakkal. Up to date, all of these cases have been dismissed. After more than 100 days of trial, Franco Mulakkal was acquitted due to lack of evidence of rape. Kuravilangad police have registered a case against Jalandhar Diocese Bishop Franco Mulakkal for allegedly sexually assaulting a monk in July 2018. The complaint alleges that the bishop repeatedly raped a nun at the Convent of the Missionaries of Jesus. Police arrested Franco Mulakkal and sent him to jail. The National Commission for Women has also demanded that the trial in the case be expedited. Several women’s organizations have submitted a memorandum to the Vatican Ambassador in Delhi, Giambattista Diquatro. They requested that the pope be advised to remove him from the position of bishop. The victim wrote a letter to the Vatican ambassador asking for Vatican elders’ intervention to bring him to justice. The bishop was outraged that anti-church people were inciting her in this way and that is why Nine was making such allegations. Mulakkal was later arrested by the Special Investigation Team in September 2018. He was released on bail in August 2020, almost two years later. Recently, a Kottayam court acquitted him. However, the police were in awe of the verdict. Kottayam SP Hari Shankar said that strong evidence had been submitted against Bishop Mulakkal and none of the witnesses had turned in his favor.