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banned the hijab: New restrictions in Karnataka colleges .. No entry into classes if wearing hijab – karnataka colleges banned to attend classes wearing hijab





  • Controversy over wearing hijab in colleges
  • Protesting right wing student unions
  • Order to wear uniform only

Muslim students in many colleges in Karnataka are facing new difficulties. Wearing hijab does not give the opportunity to come to classes. Already Mangalore and Chikka Mangalore colleges have implemented this policy. Udupi College has also joined the list. College owners were instructed to wear only college-prescribed uniforms. As a result, students wearing the hijab no longer have the chance to enter classes.

Right wing student groups opposed the wearing of hijab by Muslim students at Mangalore College last week. Some students protested wearing amber colored swarfs. They demanded that Muslim sudans be allowed to wear the hijab while wearing kashaya scarves. The situation is similar in Chikka Mangalore. The incident took place in Koppa taluka of the government-run Balagadi village. At Coppa College, some students demanded that women wearing hijab not attend class.

With this, the respective college owners took a decision on this. College representatives first met with the parents of the students to discuss this. Everyone came to an opinion .. No one in college was ordered to wear hijabs and orange scarves. It is said that scarves can be worn without the heads appearing. They warned that anyone who violated this rule would be expelled from college. But now a similar situation has arisen in Udupi College. However, in the past, a similar decision was taken at a college in Mangalore, causing a great deal of concern among Muslim students at the time.



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