Applications of “Artificial Intelligence”(AI) in Medical Field


Artificial Intelligence(AI) is nothing but to develop self-conscious capacity in machines and making them work independently, which decreases the workload on humans.AI is the future of the technological world. It will make human life far better shortly. Artificial Intelligence is a broad topic and has its applications in many fields, such as in the medical field, education, agriculture, Marketing, and many more. You can find more about AI in the “Artificial Intelligence” category of this website. This article is all about “How artificial intelligence used in NanoTech”.

All you need to know about NanoTechnology

Nanotechnology refers to the development of partially or fully functional machinery that is ultimately smaller in size and using that special machinery for various purposes, mainly in the medical field.

The present trending difficulty that most humans face in the world from the past few decades is cancer. Cancer caused the death of many humans in history, yet cancer became the predominant difficulty for human life. It got various methods to treat like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgical removal of cancer.

How can cancer be cured using AI in Nano Technology?

Cancer is nothing but the growth of cells in an uncontrolled manner without any stoppage, leading to the formation of a mass of cells forming a tumour. Technically, tumours are the mass number of uncontrolled cells that developed in the human body. The reasons for the formation of cancerous cells in the human body may range a lot. Many things can bring out mutations in normal cells, leading to cancerous cell formation, forming cancerous tissue tumours. Cancer cell detection in the body in earlier stages can be helpful to cure cancer completely. In this article, I would like to write about curing cancer using nanotechnology. Let us see how this nanotechnology can cure cancer.

Nanotechnology constructs machinery in small size up to the extend of nanometers. When this particular machinery mediated through AI interference, the machinery can find and do its job without any external stimuli called nanobots. Nanobots can play a futuristic role in the medical field in various ways. With their self-consciousness programmed to perform a particular task, these tiny nanobots can be used to cure cancer and many other diseases like kidney stones, blood clots, and many others. Let us see how these nanobots can cure cancer.

As priorly informed, cancer is a group of uncontrolled dividing cells. They reproduce more often than normal cells, as these cancer cells are continuously reproducing themselves and forming tiny clumps called a tumour. There is a chance of a massive increase in metabolism in cancer cells than other surrounding local cells, .so the metabolism is increased. Hence, the temperature also increases around the cancerous cells compared with normal surrounding local cells, .by taking a chance of this particular temperature difference between non-mutated and cancerous cells.


We can construct nanobots using AI interference by giving few specific command codes for not destroying the non-mutated cells. These nanobots contain a thermal detection system, and injecting a certain amount of these nanobots in the human body through fluids in the areas where the cancerous cells were detected can be helpful to destroy cancer cells before they become lethal to that particular human.

Cancer cells grow and divide at an abnormally rapid rate , are poorly differentiated , and have abnormal cytoskeletal proteins, and morphology so this continuous abnormal growth which was uncontrollable and creating a mass of cells and during this process the all the biochemical process which was a base process for the division of cells which can also be termed as metabolism would reach to its peak point comparing with other non-mutated cells so as the high metabolism there is a high increase in temperature at the site of particular cancer cells cause the biochemical reactions which were taking place in living systems were totally exothermic reactions so we can say that temperature is released out as there is a high rate of cellular division.

so the average temperature is slightly increased at that particular site where cancer cells were diving continuously, so by keeping this temperature difference as a base and developing nanobots with a high accurate infrared temperature detecting thermal systems nanobots can quickly demolish the cancer cells in human body .as priorly informed temperature detecting systems in nanobots, such technology can be created by using infrared thermal detecting systems which was already present but yet to be manufactured the equipment in micro content .


So with this conclusion, cancer, which is the world fearing disease, can be cured with nanotechnology mediated through AI interface shortly. However, nanotechnology has seen significant advancements now that the particular use in the biomedical field requires the utmost safety level precautions and on which the scientists are researching. Once they found it, it will change the lifestyle of human life and can be much helpful for humans in the biomedical field and various other aspects.

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