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Another sinking threat .. ‘Delmicron’



The news came like a thunderbolt before a complete estimate of what the conditions would be like with the spread of the Omicron variant. It is suspected that the Delta variant, which took many lives, coincided with the Omicron variant, a new variant called the Delmicron. Medical experts believe that this variant is the fastest growing in the United States and Britain. Dr Shashank Joshi Delmikron, a member of the Maharashtra Kovid-19 Task Force, said the Delmikron variant was formed by a combination of Delta and Omicron spike proteins. Delta says it spreads faster than Omicron. However, compared to the Delta variant so far, the prevalence of the Omicron variant has been lower, but the severity of the infection has been expected to be lower than expected. But now that the DelmiCron variant has hit the screens, everyone is worried. Many lives were lost due to the Delta variant. The effect of the delta variant on the human body is very severe. Many were hospitalized and lost their lives to oxygen deprivation. Experts suspect that the DelmiCron variant, which is a combination of such a delta variant, poses a further risk. According to the latest data, people with Delmecron have symptoms such as high fever, cough, odor, loss of taste, headache, sore throat and runny nose. According to medical experts, Delta, Omicron and Delmicron are likely to increase the number of cases in January and February. Already 358 omicron cases have been reported in our country. In addition, delta variant cases are being reported. Experts say there is a possibility of delmicran cases being registered in this context. Panic is everywhere as to how the situation in the country will be if these variant cases erupt simultaneously.


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