50 styles of beautiful Muggulu|Simple Rangoli


In this article, let us see 30 styles of Muggulu or Rangoli that can be designed on various occasions, which makes the celebrations more beautiful and joyful.

50 Beautiful styles of Muggulu

Below are the 30 different styles of Rangoli’s or Muggulu that can draw on the floor to decorate your house.

Diwali Muggulu

This Diwali, design the floor with the adorable “Diwali Rangoli” and light up your Diwali with more happiness. The primary colours of the rangoli are Red and Pink, which is used to keep Diya, and different colours are used to decorate the flowers surrounding Diya.


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Flower Muggulu

Flowers are beautiful items for decoration. How about using them to decorate your floor as well. Leaves designed with green colour and white, red, and yellow are used for creating flowers, and the central part attracts the visitors designed with various colours such as red, blue, green, pink, and yellow. This is one of best “Flower Rangoli


Ganesh Chaturthi Muggulu

How about designing your floor with “Ganesh Rangoli” to make the festival more auspicious. This rangoli consists of attractive colours which please your family and relatives to see it.

Ganesh Rangoli

Krishna Ashtami Muggulu

Lord Krishna is one of my favourite gods, and it makes us so happy to watch “Krishna Ashtami Rangoli” on the Floor.


Peacock Muggulu

Peacocks are known as the national bird of India. They are so beautiful to watch when dancing when they open their wings with beautiful feathers and now let see them in front of our house with ” Peacock Rangoli.”

Peacock Rangoli

Pookalam Design for Onam

This rangoli is only designed by using flowers. That is why it is known as “Flower Rangoli.” Usually, people use roses and marry gold flowers to make this rangoli, but you can use any flowers to decorate your flower rangoli.

Maha Shivratri Muggulu

Let us celebrate this Maha Shiv Ratri with “Maha Shivratri Rangoli.” The colours used in this rangoli is black, red, yellow, orange, and violet.


Devi Muggulu

Let us celebrate this Devi Nava Ratri with “Devi Rangoli.” It is a simple rangoli where anyone can draw at their home. This rangoli was drawn with only Rice flour.

Parrot Muggulu

Parrots are one of the cutest birds, and this rangoli contains only two primary colours: green and red.

Mahalakshmi Muggulu

Maha Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth “Mahalakshmi Rangoli“, is a beautiful and simple rangoli.

Sankranti Muggulu

Sankranthi is a festival for farmers which is more encouraging for the Telugu People. The houses in the villages are filled with “Sankranthi Rangoli“. Every Telugu family follows this in India. It is a Simple Rangoli festival.

Kolam Muggulu

Kolam Rangoli” is a simple rangoli that is seen more often in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It consists of a very Simple Rangolis.

Indian Flag Muggulu

To show your Indian Spirit, one can draw “Indian Flag Rangoli” in the rangoli competition. It is very simple to draw and contains only three primary colours, i.e., Orange, White, and Green. The blue colour is used to draw the Ashok chakra.

Fruits Muggulu

It is a simple “Fruits Rangoli“. This rangoli consists of apples, and it is so simple, and anyone can design it.


Vegetables Muggulu

It is a simple “Vegetables Rangoli“. This rangoli consists of Tomatoes, Bringals, Green chilli, Ladies Finger, Ivy gourd(Dondakaya), and Bottle Gaurd. It is so simple, and anyone can design it by looking at it.

Leaf Muggulu

Leaf Rangoli” is a simple rangoli where the primary colour of the rangoli is green


Cow or Gomata Muggulu

The cow is a sacred animal for Indians. The “Cow Rangoli” consists of a cow with milk in a pot.

New Year Muggulu(Rangoli)

Designing Rangoli during Diwali is a common thing. People in India create different rangolis and mention the keyword Happy New Year in the rangoli. This Rangoli is known as “New Year Rangoli.” New year Rangoli can be designed with various colours, and below is one of the beautiful New Year Rangoli.

Lovers Day Muggulu

Its obvious rangolis can be used in any theme like “Lovers Day Rangoli“. The primary colour of the Lovers Day Muggulu is Red Colour

Colourful Rangoli

The “Colourful Rangoli” contains different big designs with various colours since the name itself suggests colourful rangoli. 

Kali Mata Rangoli

The “Kali Mata Rangoli” consists of the goddess Kali Mata surrounded by flowers in this rangoli shown below.

Birthday Rangoli

There are many ways to wish someone’s birthday. One of them is to design this rangoli with their name. The below rangoli can be your kids favorite. This is “Birthday Rangoli

Deepam Muggulu

It is a simple Muggu which contains Deepam in it. This rangoli is known as Deepam Rangoli.

Raksha Bandhan Rangoli

How about surprising your brother with “Raksha Bandhan Rangoli” this Raksha Bandhan Eve. Raksha Bandhan Rangoli is one of the cutest ways to show love for your brothers.

Fathers Day Rangoli

Every girl is a princess to their dads, and let’s greet them on fathers day with this beautiful Rangoli called ” Fathers Day Rangoli.”


Mothers Day Rangoli

Every son is a prince to their moms, and let’s greet them on mothers day with this beautiful Rangoli called ” Mothers Day Rangoli.”


Kalasam Muggulu

This rangoli is known as “Kalasam Rangoli“, which contains a simple Kalasam and a coconut with leaves on the top of the Kalasam.

Laddu Muggulu

Laddu is one of my favourite sweet how about yours this “Laddu Rangoli” will attract the visitors of your house.


Friendship Muggulu

This friendship day, surprise your friend with this wonderful Friendship Day Rangoli, strengthening your bond.



What is Muggulu?

Muggulu is part of our Hindu culture. It is an ancient tradition that ladies in the house should wake up early in the morning and keep different designs on the floor with the help of Rice Flour or Muggu Pindi in front of the house. It is also well known as Rangoli

Why Muggulu should be kept Infront of the house?

Our ancestors believed that muggulu could impress the Goddess Lakshmi Devi(the Goddess of Wealth), who can bless us and fulfill our dreams. Our Grandparents used to say that the house with neatness and colorful with muggulu can make their life beautiful. That is reason why ladies or the women of the house wake up early in the morning and keep muggulu in front of the house. Even the people who are living in these modern days follow them.

What are the other names of Rangoli?

Rangoli is known by different names in different parts of India. Depending on the type of design, the name was considered. Rangoli is known as Muggu in Andra Pradesh and Telangana, Aripan in Bihar and Uttarakhand, Rangoli in Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kolam in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Jhoti or Chita in Orissa, Madana in Rajasthan and Chokpurana in Uttar Pradesh. The below table shows all the various names of Rangoli.

MugguAndhra Pradesh
Jhoti or ChitaOrissa
KolamTamil Nadu
ChowkpuranaUttar Pradesh
These are the different names for rangoli, which is known in various states of India.

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