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Muggulu Designs

It is an Indian tradition to keep Muggulu Designs with Muggu Pindi in front of the house every morning. Muggu is often designed with rock lime, rice flour, or both. Toxic insects such as scorpions, gnats, and snakes do not enter the house when they smell lime chalk. If rice is mixed with flour, ants will eat that flour and kill these toxic insects. Muggu is widely known as Rangoli in India. 

Reason to keep Muggulu

Our ancestors believed that muggulu could impress the Goddess Lakshmi Devi(The Goddess of Wealth), who can bless us and fulfill our dreams. Our Grandparents used to say that the house with neatness and colorful with muggulu can make their life beautiful. That is reason why ladies or the women of the house wake up early in the morning and keep muggulu in front of the house. Even the people who are living in these modern days follow them.

There are scientific reasons behind keeping this Muggulu in front of the house. They are many health benefits as well for females by keeping Muggulu. Now let us see 50 Beautiful Muggulu that can be drawn quickly in front of the house, attracting visitors.

Different Styles of Rangoli

There are many rangoli styles for every occasion, and below are some of the different rangoli that you can keep and make the event more beautiful and joyful. Below are some of the styles of rangoli for different occasions.

  • Diwali Muggulu
  • Flower Muggulu
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Muggulu
  • Krishna Ashtami Muggulu
  • Peacock Muggulu
  • Pookalam Design for Onam
  • Maha Shivratri Muggulu
  • Devi Muggulu
  • Parrot Muggulu
  • Mahalakshmi Muggulu
  • Sankranti Muggulu
  • Kolam Muggulu
  • Indian Flag Muggulu
  • Fruits Muggulu
  • Vegetables Muggulu
  • Leaf Muggulu
  • Cow or Gomata Muggulu
  • New Year Muggulu(Rangoli)
  • Lovers Day Muggulu
  • Colourful Muggulu
  • Kali Mata Muggulu
  • Birthday Muggulu
  • Deepam Muggulu
  • Raksha Bandhan Muggulu
  • Fathers Day Muggulu
  • Mothers Day Muggulu
  • Kalasam Muggulu
  • Laddu Muggulu
  • Friendship Muggulu

50 Easy Muggulu Designs

Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs
Muggulu Designs

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Muggulu Designs

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Also Read 50 styles of beautiful Muggulu|Simple Rangoli

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